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Cheese Factory Tour A Scrumptious Experience

A journey that teases your appetite and waters your mouth with delectable cheese and dairy products can be ideally experienced in our cheese factory tour.  High quality natural cheese is produced from the factory nestled in this lush green environment with milk cattle grazing all around.  Delicious cheese of finest kind is carefully hand prepared and delivered to satisfy cheese enthusiasts who knows only the rich taste.  The neighborhood of the cheese factory beams with green grass that vitally sustains these cattle with fodder that will produce milk all year round.

The tour to factory brings you to the milking shed where fresh milk is collected every morning. The cows maintained in the vicinity are milked daily and the milk makes it way directly into the factory. One another counter takes care of fresh goat milk collection that is key ingredient for goat’s milk cheese.

The factory interior features giant automated machines along with artisans that complement each other in the assembly line to deliver perfect cheese that will tickle your taste buds.  The milk undergoes pasteurization and filtration, once placed in the cheese vat, milk is cooked at a temperature of 90 degrees and lactic acid production by addition of rennet for ripening milk is triggered.  The curdled milk is mixed with color pigments as ripening progresses.  Next step sees the addition of an enzyme that coagulates the milk.  As the cheese gradually firms up emerging out of its jelly state, large wire cutters are pushed in the vat to cut it in triads.  Experience the rising temperature as the vat is switched to 100 degrees for cooking cheese.  Tourists can see how the curd is separated from whey.  Next you will come across Cheddaring, a process to hand cut, stack and press together curd slabs to rinse any extra moisture out of them.  Within an hour, the tour will show you how slabs are milled and salted for preserving the cheese.  As the tour inside the factory premises come to a close, our guests are led to the preservation unit where cheese slabs are wax coated to make them escape the corrosive impact of mold and air.  The hand crafted techniques deployed help in bringing out flavor that is hard to obtain in fully a mechanized set up.  Our guests can enjoy the freshly prepared cheese in this dense and firm form, when bitten into will release the smoothness straight onto the palate.  The whole cheese factory’s ambience will be laden with the delicate flavor of freshly rolled out cheese.

The taste corner forms the mouth watering aspect of the entire cheese factory tour where our visitors can have a nibble of different flavors of fresh cheese.  Our guests will experience a taste of the diverse flavors with the natural cheese ingredients to tempt their sensations and palate.  The specialty cheese occupies the imagination of locals and tourists alike and remains the most preferred local cheese produce in this area.

The cheese factory tour will prove to be a valuable experience of getting to the bottom of the rich flavor of the cheese which has been obtained by a thoughtful blend of traditionally handed over cheese making knowledge with state of the art technological strides.