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All You Would Want To Know About The Wine Tours In Yarra Valley

All you would want to know about the Wine Tours in Yarra Valley

  • Limousine – Chrysler Super Stretch, with disco floor and state of the art entertainment at your fingertips;
  • Step into the latest in Limousine style, entertainment and fashion to experience a private tour collected from Melbourne while sipping champagne, laughing and listening to your favourite tunes;
  • Some of the wineries included on our tour are: Punt Road, Rochford Winery & Art Gallery, Domaine Chandon Winery, etc call for further details…..
  • Also inclued is fudge tasting for those sweet tooths

Wine tours in the Yarra Valley allow you into an amazing kingdom of Victoria’s globally famed Yarra Valley experience which boasts of stunning natural beauty, landscapes that produce world class award winning wine.  The comfortable tours are a premium way to unwind with elegant wines and delectable food, while sipping in the tranquil serenity that reigns on the widespread scenic expanses.
The tours will make the day memorable for everyone whether you are a connoisseur or a wine enthusiast.  Each group consists of a handful of visitors to afford everyone personalized care and the exotic experience of day long wine tasting and a vineyard lunch experience which will leave visitors satisfied.  The tour guide or chauffeur accompanying the party will keep you entertained with his vast knowledge of the region’s wine culture and the traditional values associated with hand crafted wine and impecable service.  The humorous tour guide or chauffeur will liven and enlighten your every moment of the journey with his entertaining tips and snippets to ensure a relaxed and memorable experience is had by all.

Yarra Valley is situated an hour’s journey from Melbourne.  Yarra Valley day tours commence with guided visit to a wine preparation facility at the renowned Domaine Chandon to give you a peek into the manufacturing process of the wine.  Our guests will experience absolutely wonderful sparkling and still wine here in a slow intermittent manner.  Included our guests will experience a private tour of the wine production and rippleing room then be seated in the restaurant with breathtaking views over the vineyard to a tasting of Chandon’s finest.  The next step of the tour sees you comfortably seated at Rochford Vineyard Restaurant where you can taste the rich boutique flavours that are attributed to the hand harvesting technology.   Sit back and enjoy the appetizing 2 course lunch and a glass of wine watching over the dazing vineyards and lakes.   After lunch you can leisurely wind your way through the gardens and farms and come across to the bustling produce stores that hold amazing collection of taste estate and regional wines with a variety of gifts & produce.  The unhurried day concludes with you swirling and slurping your way through this beautiful winery and adjoining art gallery for those art enthusiasts.

The tour to Yarra Valley begins at around 8.30am to 9.30am daily your selection of tours bus or luxury limousine is available.  After the tour conclusion, guests, tourists are dropped off in Melbourne by about 5.30pm.  The cost is inclusive of hotel transfers, private tasting charges, lunch with wine and cheese. Tour fare is charged in Australian dollars and covers the GST. The tour itinerary never strays out of schedule until and unless certain unavoidable circumstances that cannot be controlled by tour operators forces it to go offline.  Revel in the captivating world of appetizing wines while drinking in the marvelous beauty of splend Yarra Valley.