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Think about this, your partner has just surprised you with a Romantic Overnight Getaway to a luxurious private 5 star luxury bed and breakfast in the Yarra Valley, known as Myers Creek Cascades  After a relaxing night of sipping champagne and bathing in the spa, you wake up relaxed, refreshed in mind, body and spirit ready to take on the world.

As you wonder downstairs you’re greeted with a freshly baked breakfast basket for 2, no doubt in your mind it’s another wonderful day ahead. But behind the scenes your partner continues to surprise you with a group of your closest friends who have all booked a Yarra Valley Private Winery Tour with

Shortly after you enjoy your breakfast dressed and ready to go, your private driver arrives to pick you up in a luxurious Mercedes People Mover with a group of your closest friends who are ready and waiting to surprise ‘You’ the ‘Birthday Girl’, as the song says “I wasn’t expecting that”.

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well not this time, this is a factual recall of a recent Private Yarra Valley Winery Tour booked by Lilli and her closest friends. Lilli decided to include the Private Yarra Valley Winery Tour with as the perfect gift and opportunity to pick up the Birthday Girl from Myers Creek Cascades luxury bed and breakfast; it was all part of the master plan.  

The 5 girls and 2 guys knew exactly where they wanted to go, how they wanted to travel and who they wanted to go with to celebrate their closest friend’s birthday.   First stop was Tarra Warra Vineyard for a barrel tasting accompanied by a wide selection of award winning wines from the cellar door. A perfect opportunity to select their favourite wines on their Private Yarra Valley Winery Tour with .  

The laughter and giggles where transpiring as the stories of patients and their funny experiences where being shared, care free young professionals out for a good time with their closest friends.  

Along their winery journey with  they also visited another favourite location of theirs called Train Track Vineyard to taste premium Chardonnay, Pinot Rosé, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz to name a few. And to top it all off, how perfect to have the lunch venue situated in one of the most scenic restaurants in the Yarra Valley, Zonzo with its stunning floor to ceiling glass and breathtaking views of the Yarra Valley, Autumn sharing menu with friends, wine and decadent Italian inspired desserts it’s no wonder the friends settled here for their dining experience.

After their celebration lunch they continued their Private Yarra Valley Winery Tour and stopped at Punt Road Wines to taste award winning apple and pear cider, then asked Nick their private driver to take them onto Domain Chandon to sample from the French champagne house Moët & Chandon using traditional methods and producing award winning sparkling table wine of quality and finesse. Nick their private driver who is constant with his credibility and outstanding service continued to show case the Yarra Valley and proceeded to the Innocent Bystander with its Artisan Bakery, Cheese, Wine and Coffee Roasting on offer, tell me why would you not visit here?

The full day finished late afternoon, we are sure you will all agree what a spectacular, full sensory indulgent way to celebrate an unforgettable weekend with on your very own Private Yarra Valley Winery Tour.

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