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From the very words of Gerald and Leanne, clients who recently experienced their Private Yarra Valley Winery Tour with

‘Domaine Chandon we really wanted to go here, it reminds us of when we cycled through France’.

This lovely couple originally from Bathurst have moved to Melbourne and are cyclists at heart.  They have cycled in France and sipped champagne in the same French Vineyard where Napoleon Bonaparte the historical Military Leader became the French Emperor from 1804 to 1814, once stood.

In true VIP hosting from Chaufferdrive the couple then shared 8 glasses of Domaine Chandon’s finest  champagnes  in the restaurant overlooking well-kept manicured gardens and rows and rows of chardonnay vines.

Along their Private Yarra Valley Tour with they also enjoyed an exclusive VIP chocolate tasting from the Yarra Valley Chocolatier and Ice Creamery their favourite chocolate being the freeze dried strawberry chocolate.  

They enjoyed taking selfies from their selfie stick a really important part of their Private Yarra Valley Winery Tour.   They originally left the selfie stick at home fully charged for the day’s photo moments, while their private driver waited for them to return prior to commencing their tour.

A great gift idea from their former employer to their employee, which is exactly what, happened here.  

Onto another visit to a secret location where they bought a mix of shiraz and chardonnay, the vigneron gave them a freshly labelled bottle straight from the labelling press, a new release of a another magnificent red. 

Again more exclusive VIP treatment you will experience on you’re very own Private Yarra Valley Winery Tour with Chauffeurdrive

They knew coming on the tour their wine cellar was getting low, what a perfect opportunity to buy unique wine from hidden away locations that trump the off the shelf every day wine. 

This again confirms to the discerning wine buff that with Chauffeurdrive we deliver on quality locations where our clients will purchase wine in the case for future enjoyment, and again  this is exactly what Gerald and Leanne did to refill their cellar at home.

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